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Puppy Bamboo Fast Drying Robe

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Our towelling Fast Drying Dog Robes are made from environmentally sustainable 100% natural Organic Bamboo. They are super absorbent, drying your puppy in half the time of cotton towelling and have a soft silky texture we know your pup will love which is similar to cashmere.

Easy to get on and off, warm and comfortable, our robes are available in a variety of colours and come with a choice of either a hood or collar. Our design locks away wet and dirt, making them the perfect choice to snuggle into  after a bath,  or walk in the rain, keeping you and your home/car free from dog splatters !!! 

Perfect for any puppy about town, field and country

  • 100% Natural Bamboo
  • Soft silky texture similar to cashmere
  • wicks moisture and dirt away
  • 60% more absorbent than cotton
  • Collar or hood options available
  • Adjustable belly bar fastening for increasing/ decreasing waistlines 
  • The belly bar dries your dog's chest and belly whilst retaining heat.
  • Easy to take on and off making an excellent choice for wriggly puppies
  • All Made to order by Bella and Watson
  • Velcro free to prevent unsightly snagging and preserve your garment




About our fabric.

Bamboo fabric is more absorbent than cotton, absorbing 60% more moisture and drying 20% faster, making it perfect to absorb the moisture and dirt from your dog's coat. It has a soft silky texture similar to cashmere and is breathable and extremely comfortable against your dog's skin.

Made from environmentally friendly woven Bamboo, it is highly biodegradable and eco-friendly, having hardly any impact on the environment. Contrary to cotton, Bamboo can be cultivated naturally without the need for pesticides. Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest-growing plants, growing up to one metre in a single day. Bamboo is also a grass, meaning it will continue to grow once it has been cut, just like a lawn.