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New Organic Herdwick Dog Bed

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Try our new organic Herdwick dog bed and we promise your dog will love it!

Our filling is 100% natural Herdwick fleece from Charlie’s flock in the Yorkshire Dales. 
Charlie is a 6-year-old local budding shepherd and has set out to preserve these wonderful hardy sheep.  
We wash and treat all of the wool we use ourselves, to ensure the special natural properties the wool contains, is not eradicated by harmful chemicals. We also use a natural solution as a pesticide to ensure there are no nasties left behind. 
wool naturally keeps your dog warm in winter and cool in summer. Its natural living fibres adapt to its surroundings, deodorises and wicks away moisture making it nature’s answer to a nice comfy cosy and cool bed

Our beds are fully lined in organic cotton and come with a choice of washable fabric covers and fit into standard crates.

Perfect for arthritic dogs! 

We know your dog will love these beds as much as our own dogs do! 

Dog Bed Sizes
Bed Size Average dimensions
Small Beds  60cm x 44cm 
Medium Beds 76cm x 48cm
Large Beds 90cm x 56cm
Extra Large Beds 107cm x 72cm