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Double Bamboo fast drying Dog towel

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Our Bamboo Fast drying dog towel is quick-drying and very absorbent. 

 Made from environmentally sustainable 100% natural Organic Bamboo. they are super absorbent, drying your dog in half the time of cotton towelling and have a soft silky texture we know your dog will love which is similar to cashmere.

 Our Fast drying dog towel locks away wet and dirt and can be used as a wrap as well as a towel, keeping your dog warm whilst drying and making them the perfect choice to use after a wet or muddy walk.

No more splatters from wet dog shakes - Use in the car to keep the dirt away from upholstery or after a bath or walk.

  • 100% Natural Bamboo
  • Soft silky texture similar to cashmere
  • Wicks moisture and dirt away
  • 60% more absorbent than cotton
  • Use as a towel or wrap
  • Available in small or large and a variety of colours
  • All Made to order by Bella and Watson

For personalised towels please click on the personalised size option. Once you have completed your purchase, please emails us at with the details.

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About our fabric.

Bamboo fabric is more absorbent than cotton, absorbing 60% more moisture and drying 20% faster, making it perfect to absorb the moisture and dirt from your dog's coat. It has a soft silky texture similar to cashmere and is breathable and extremely comfortable against your dog's skin.

Made from environmentally friendly woven Bamboo, it is highly biodegradable and eco-friendly, having hardly any impact on the environment. Contrary to cotton, Bamboo can be cultivated naturally without the need for pesticides. Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest-growing plants, growing up to one metre in a single day. Bamboo is also a grass, meaning it will continue to grow once it has been cut, just like a lawn.

Available in single and double-sided