Puppy Collection

It's so exciting bringing your new puppy home and we know how important it is to have all the right things ready and in place for when your new pup arrives.
At Bella and Watson we design and make everything ourselves using natural, eco friendly and organic fabrics and materials. Our designs are based on what’s best for your dog from puppy through to senior years. We tailor everything we do and make to suit your puppy and dogs life cycle. 

From bed and nap time, bathtime to their first walk we make the perfect organic and eco-friendly puppy products suitable for all parts of a puppy's daily routine. 
Shop our puppy collection including blankets, coats, towels and robescollars and leads as well as pyjamas and hoodies plus much more. 

If you have something in mind try our design and custom made service. Email us at bellaandwatson@outlook.com