All of our dog beds are organic, sustainable and made to last.

Fully lined in organic cotton, they come with a choice of washable fabric covers with poppers and not hook and loop (velcro) fastenings. This prevents any snagging and they don't wear out through use and washing. Just remove the cover and pop it on a 40-degree wash and it's as good as new!

Our filling is made from 100% natural Herdwick fleece from Charlie’s flock in the Yorkshire Dales. Charlie is a 6-year-old local budding shepherd and has set out to preserve these wonderful hardy sheep.  

At Bella and Watson, we wash and treat all of the wool we use by hand, to ensure the special natural properties that the wool contains is not damaged or eradicated by any harmful chemicals. We then use a natural tea tree solution as a pesticide to ensure there are no nasties left behind. 

Wool naturally keeps your dog warm in winter and cool in summer. It has natural living fibres that adapt to its surrounding temperature, enabling it to deodorises and wick away moisture, making it nature’s answer to a nice comfy cosy or cool bed.

Our beds are so soft and natural they're perfect for injured and arthritic dogs too! 

We know your dog will love these beds as much as our own dogs do! 

Meet Charlie and his beautiful flock of Local Herdwick sheep, who kindly provide us with their fine wool to make our fabulous new organic Herdwick dog beds! 

You can visit Charlie and his flock on Instagram - @EshtonHerdwicks