Coats and Jackets


Dog coats and jackets are not just cosmetic. Like us, our dogs feel the cold and need that extra protection against the elements. Particular breeds such as Dachshunds really feel the cold and find it difficult to retain heat.

At Bella and Watson, we have a range of Handmade Dog and Puppy coats to suit any season and every breed.
Our unique designs make getting the coats on and off easy and are perfect for any dog including those suffering from arthritis or illness.
We use only the best quality and use a wide range of eco-friendly, recycled and organic fabrics, that are stylish, hardwearing and easy to wash and dry, reducing your dog's carbon footprint.

We have padded waterproof winter coats, summer raincoats, Tweed and tartan coats, wax jackets and 2 in 1 harness coats. Our dog coats are designed with your dog in mind and provide protection from wind, rain, sun and snow.

Because we design and manufacture everything at our Yorkshire Dales site, we can customise to fit all breeds free of charge and we offer a bespoke design service to all of our customers.

Our special Dachshund section has been tailored to fit every dachshund from small mini to extra lard standards, puppy and everything in between.

Don't forget Summer Raincoats & Jackets for Dogs too!

This is England and it rains all year round so we need to ensure our pets have the perfect coat for every occasion.
Our raincoats and lightweight waterproof coats provide the perfect solution to any April, May, June or July showers!